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The Gift of Writing our Tomorrows

Tonight I am discouraged and nervous about something I need to do tomorrow. I have imagined how it will go, what I will say, and how I will feel. It’s not a pretty picture!

Time to write my tomorrow the way I want it to happen. First of all, I will get a great night’s sleep. When I wake up in the morning I will feel well in body, mind, and soul. I will feel hopeful about the day. I will have a relaxing time getting ready, because I have given myself plenty of time. I will feel calm and confident throughout the day and feel proud and grateful in the evening that I did my best and was able to accomplish all that I needed to do. 

A close friend has helped me to realize how important it is to review our day and then to plan the next day with positive thoughts of how we want it to go. This exercise becomes essential when we are not feeling strong emotionally.

Actually, we can send positivity to the next week, month, or even year. Let’s thank God for the Gift of Writing our Tomorrows on the Journey!





Thanks to Trish Patricia Mikkelson.





  1. I’m so glad this idea was helpful to you, Kim. You are reminding me how important this is, and have expressed the concept so beautifully. thank you.

  2. Thanks, Kim, for encouraging me with your positive response by preparing well for a big day ahead!

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