Can you trust that God has your best interests at heart no matter what happens? Tomorrow is Mother’s Day and God is the most loving Parent/Father/Mother we could ask for. God’s love is based on knowledge that we don’t yet know since we don’t have the same perspective.

Mother God knows what direction is for our highest good and will sometimes shake things up in our lives in order to redirect us. She may remove something or someone from our lives for this purpose. We may think we are being punished or treated unfairly, when our wise Heavenly Mother is moving pieces of our lives around in order to provide something or someone even better for us.

I was describing this to my friend online when suddenly my screen started shaking. I felt out of control and fearful since I didn’t know if or when this would stop. I then prayed that the shaking would stop and it did!

It’s normal to feel this way when things are changing quickly or drastically in our lives. However, if we can sit back, relax, process our emotions, and wait for the next step…we may find that the “shake-up” was actually in our best interest and a beautiful future comes into view.

This Mother’s Day, think of God as the greatest Mother ever, who would never do anything to harm you, only to lead you to a better tomorrow. Join me in thanking God for the Gift of Trust on the Journey!