In the last several years I have mostly isolated myself, thinking that spending time with my fiance and family members was enough to fulfill my needs for connection outside of the workplace. However, I have recently learned how essential friendships can be to our sense of human connection, community, and personal development.

I am talking about those friends who feel more like soulmates, where the relationships are on a deep soul level based on mutual acceptance of the other’s true self. We not only share similar interests, but also support each other in healing emotional wounds, growing spiritually, and fulfilling our highest potential. I have been blessed to find several of these precious people in the last few months and feel so grateful for the opportunity to share on a level that few people seem brave enough to access…the level of our hurts, fears, and most cherished dreams for our lives. These friendships hold such great potential for personal growth and transformation.

In my recent exploration in the area of life coaching, I have been introduced to the idea of friendship coaching. There is more potential in friendships and relationships than doing activities together and surface sharing about day to day life and even thoughts and viewpoints. Friends have the opportunity to “hold space” for the other to share themselves openly without fear of rejection, while receiving total acceptance, love, and support. They can offer each other the chance to be fully heard in all of their raw vulnerability. They can offer empathy without needing to fix the other or talk them out of their feelings. This kind of love is capable of tremendous healing. 

We are all beautiful beings worthy of love and acceptance of who we really are inside…not just the spruced up image we often portray to others. If you don’t know anyone who offers this kind of unconditional love, then you can be that for others and show them the way.

I give great thanks to God for this invaluable Gift of Soul Connections on the Journey!