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The Gift of Preparation

I’m generally not a fan of cleaning the house. However, today I thoroughly enjoyed it! I was preparing for my parents to come over tomorrow for dessert after Christmas Eve church service and going out to dinner. Knowing that I wanted the house to look nice for them gave me motivation that I don’t normally have. I listened to Christmas music the whole time and even danced in between chores!

 I also prepared by wrapping presents for my fiancé and parents. The gifts are now under our beautiful tree. I even have little artificial tea lites all over the living room to add to the ambiance. Preparing the gifts this year was very special, because I truly am more excited to give than to receive.

I’m also preparing my heart to celebrate the birth of the Christ child, shining a flashlight into those corners where cobwebs have grown. I need to sweep them out and decorate my heart so that Jesus will feel at home there. Do I have anything that needs to be let go of before I welcome him in?

Are you ready for Christmas? I feel that I am, except for a few finishing touches. I encourage you, as you are preparing your home and gifts, to prepare your heart for Jesus to bring his Light into your life.

I give thanks to God today for the Gift of Preparation on the Journey!


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  1. Patricia Mikkelson, mother, co-coordinator of Jesus Vegans Community

    December 23, 2017 at 11:39 pm

    I think this is your best post ever! What a great idea, to clean out our hearts to prepare for Jesus! I think it would be great if you would do this: share the gift one day. Then share a process that would help people to accept the gift–like a visualization or prayer. or include it in the same blog–but this could help you to stretch out the theme a little bit. you could even do two or three more blogs to help people go deeper into the gift–maybe write more stories that emphasize the gift.

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