The Gift of Prayer Partners

Do you have people who pray with you? Praying for each other is very special and needed, but I’m talking here about joining in spirit and intent and praying together either silently or verbally. . . with one other person or a few. I’m not talking about praying with the church congregation either, although there is certainly beauty in greater communal prayer.

God has been showing me how sacred the act of praying with a partner is. I have been praying daily (sometimes twice a day) with a special lady who lives in another state. I don’t know if she feels as connected to me as I do to her, but for me, our prayer time is holy. It is a melding of hearts and souls as we draw nearer to God and send His love and healing to each other, those we love, our “enemies,” and the world.

Praying together and sharing our gratitude and needs can sometimes make us feel vulnerable. It takes time and effort for trust to build, but it is worth it. I urge you to find someone with whom you can pray on a regular basis. It can be a spouse, parent, sibling, friend, or even friend-to-be. Notice how connecting with another in this way makes you feel. It can also be fun and faith-building to keep track of all the miracles and answered prayers.

Today I thank God for the blessed Gift of Prayer Partners on the Journey!






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  1. I cherish our time together. I do feel as if our time is holy. I am so glad you join me. I increasingly feel a sense of connection and I delight in finding our commonalities (like Godspell) and reading your joys and sorrows. Thank you for writing this very helpful post.

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