Do you know that you are a gift…to yourself, to your loved ones, and to the world? God has given each of us this priceless gift to recognize, receive, unwrap, and share. I’m re-learning so much on my journey now that I instinctively knew as a child and gradually lost as I grew up.

At the age of nine I knew that I was special, despite my shyness and low self-esteem. I wrote on the cover of a school project, “Look in and you’ll see the magic in me.” I knew inside that I was saying that about myself, not about my project or the subject of it. I was not popular or athletic or as pretty as I wished I were. Yet, in my daydreams on the school bus I was beautiful, loving, and powerful. As children we generally believe that anything can happen and we can be what we want to be. I prayed every night that when I woke up I would look in the mirror and see that I had become this magical me. Often, however, we grow up not remembering or recognizing the gift that we are.

If we are fortunate enough, we may start to remember later in life and even begin to recognize this reality deep within our souls. Many times this happens through therapy, life coaching, or 12 step programs. By doing “inner work” like this, we learn that despite our shortcomings, we do have immeasurable value and worth. Then we have the ability to receive the gift God has given us and unwrap ourselves, revealing our inner beauty, and developing authentic love for ourselves and respect for our individual journeys.

Finally, when we really know we are gifts to ourselves and others, a growing desire builds to share who we are and the wisdom we have gained on earth. We want to know others fully and be fully known. We want to go deep in our communication with those who are willing so that we can all be blessed by this mutual offering of ourselves to others. There is no room anymore for comparison, arrogance, low self-esteem, or judgment…no room for fearing what others will think of us, because every gift is unique and special with equal potential to bring joy and love to those who receive it with open arms.

Let’s thank God for blessing everyone with the Gift of Ourselves on the Journey!