Today is Valentine’s Day. It is mostly celebrated as a day for lovers. However, whether or not you are in a relationship, it is also a good day to ask yourself, “Do I really love myself?”

Several years ago when I was in an unhappy marriage that was detrimental to my self-worth, I decided to give myself the love that my husband was incapable of giving me. I bought a red, heart-shaped music box that said “I love you” inside. Whenever I needed a reminder, I could open it up and receive that love.

Women tend to do a lot for others, especially spiritual women. However, we need to treat ourselves at times to the kind of care we shower on others. Valentine’s Day will be over by the time I post this, but please continue to celebrate yourself for the beautiful being you are.

I needed some help from a friend tonight and I accepted her offer to listen to me and provide me with feedback. The conversation was very healing for me and encouraged me to take better care of myself–body, mind, and soul. In accepting this help, I was loving myself and reminding myself that self care needs to be a priority in order to have the health and energy available to give to others.

I encourage you to take excellent care of yourself and know that this is actually a gift to your loved ones and everyone you hope to help. Let’s give thanks for and celebrate the Gift of Loving Ourselves on the Journey.