I have been blessed today by seeing words of support for others, God’s love, peace, encouragement, and acceptance on Face Book. They were words that heal the hearts and souls of those who read them.

I also had a significant conversation with a loved one in which we spoke with gentleness and respect for each other’s thoughts and needs. I feel that healing took place through spoken words in this instance.

Both situations remind me of the power of words and the potential for healing through them. Certain Bible verses, song lyrics, and quotations can be soothing and inspiring.

In addition, we have the opportunity to let God heal others through our loving words. That idea inspires hope, but also suggests great responsibility. Let’s think carefully about the words we speak and write. We never know the impact they may have on the lives of others.

I hope that you are healed by the words you see and hear. We are so fortunate to have the gift of healing words to help us on the journey.