I’ve written in previous posts about receiving signs to direct my steps on the journey or to encourage me or let me know I am not alone. I am so fortunate to have experienced these as often as I have. However, they can happen to anyone.

I believe these experiences are Godwinks. They seem like coincidences, but are really from God. This term was coined by Squire Rushnell in his book When God Winks. He has a website all about it at http://whengodwinks.com

I experience these Godwinks in many different ways. They include: finding coins and feathers; seeing license plate messages, bumper stickers, and road signs; seeing butterflies and other insects, birds, and animals as symbols; reading quotes and books that seem meant especially for me; hearing certain songs and hymns on the radio; receiving words of wisdom from others; having Bible verses come into my mind, seemingly out of nowhere; and crossing paths with just the right people and circumstances. I pray for guidance or other needs and then I observe. Some Godwinks appear obvious, but others are more subtle and require awareness as well as openness.

I am a big believer in angels–messengers of God. I believe some of these Godwinks come from God through His angels. God knows that when I see or hear anything about angels, I know I am receiving heavenly support and assurance. Having angel figurines and pictures around my home reminds me that I am not alone on my journey.

I pray that you receive all the Godwinks you need as gifts on your journey!