The Gift of Finding Your Own Mind

I am so full of the opinions of others that I hardly know what I believe anymore. Facebook, where I often hang out, is absolutely stuffed full of opinions. Even the Facebook groups I have chosen to become a member of have people posting things to convince me that I should believe as they do. I have to find my own mind.

I had a helpful conversation with a friend today. Sometimes talking with a friend, family member, or therapist can help me in processing my own thoughts and feelings. She summarized what she was hearing me say and then asked if it was correct. I could clarify things for myself as I clarified them for her. However, no matter how neutral we try to be, everyone has their own point of view which looms over any conversation. 

Imagine yourself sitting in one chair and a duplicate of yourself sitting in another. Ask yourself what you truly believe and value apart from any and all opinions of others.  What happens?

I just did this and it really helped me to find my beliefs that had been buried by everyone else’s. It’s funny, but “talking to myself” helped me to feel more sane! Let’s thank God for the Gift of Finding Your Own Mind on the Journey!

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  1. Patricia Mikkelson, mother, co-coordinator of Jesus Vegans Community

    January 7, 2018 at 10:13 am

    You can also ask Jesus to empathize with you…he won’t try to force anything on you 🙂

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