Today I had my first online live video class of a 6 month transformational life coach certification program. I was filled with excitement…and fears. One of my goals in the program is to do my own videos as my authentic self. This is a powerful step in pursuing my dreams and sharing my heart with others on a larger scale.

However, after declaring my intention to my coaching instructors and fellow students, I suddenly felt like going to bed, pulling the covers over my head, and hiding for the rest of my life! My fear of rejection and the disapproval of others arose from the depth of my being and screamed, “No! I can’t do this. I’ll just go back to my normal life and keep myself safe.”

I comforted that scared part of myself and assured her she would be okay. After all, I’ve already been sharing myself in this blog for the past 2 years and I haven’t died of rejection or disapproval. It’s time for me to be even more courageous.

Like all experiences on the journey, facing my fears is a gift. It leads to strength, confidence, and personal empowerment. I hope you will join me in facing a fear that you have and discovering that it is actually a Gift on the Journey.