Sometimes fences are necessary…to keep something protected and closed in and to keep potential dangers out. We can think of personal boundaries as fences around ourselves, letting us and others know where we end and they begin. This protects against codependency. We can have physical boundaries, emotional boundaries, mental and spiritual boundaries.

How do you know where yours are? Your feelings and intuition can help you to know what is acceptable to you and what is not. It helps to think about this and decide for yourself where they are instead of waiting for someone to step over them and leaving yourself overly vulnerable.

It took me most of my life to develop clear boundaries. I am still working on this issue in my relationships. However, it is becoming more natural for me to communicate this essential information to others in my life.

Do you know what your boundaries are in different kinds of relationships and situations? This is a key element of personal growth. For example, how much personal space do you need to feel comfortable and safe? What information are you willing to share with others and what topics are off limits for you?

Because they are meant to protect me and others, I am very thankful for the Gift of Boundaries on the Journey.