I had the pleasure of seeing my sister, Kristi, last night and attending a concert with her and my mom. It was an especially meaningful time together since one of the music groups sang a song about the cross that she co-wrote. We didn’t know if they would sing it or not, so I prayed to Jesus over and over, asking him that they would perform Kristi’s song. When the music started, she and my mom motioned to me that this was the one. We sat in awe listening to her precious lyrics being sung so beautifully. I will never forget that moment.

There is another moment I will never forget. It was Fall of 1989 in the late evening and I had just hastily arrived at my favorite bar after experiencing a flat tire. I ended up depressed and crying in my drink, wondering if this was all there was to life. I had been drinking heavily for six years. At first, alcohol had made me feel better and more sociable. However, now it just made me more depressed.

Unbeknownst to me, my sister’s heart had felt heavily burdened for me a couple months prior to this, like she needed to save me. She had attended a revival service at her church and taken my picture up to the altar, where the evangelist and other attendees laid their hands on her and prayed for me.

After my emotional night at the bar, those prayers were answered. I decided I needed to stop drinking and shortly afterward, entered a rehabilitation center. Although I relapsed after that before finally getting sober on March 10, 1992, I credit my sister’s beautiful gesture for touching God’s heart. Through her prayers, along with those of other family members and several church groups, God helped me achieve and maintain sobriety and a renewed relationship with him. I now, thankfully, have almost 26 years of sobriety.

My sister has written hundreds of songs, but she eventually wrote one describing this story and told me it was my song. Last night at intermission, I also got to meet the man who wrote the music to my sister’s lyrics of my song. He thanked me for sharing my life story through Kristi’s song and said it was an honor to meet me.

What a triumphant night, full of blessings! Please join me in giving thanks for the loving Gift of a Sister’s Heart on the Journey.