With today being my birthday, I am reminded that each day, each month, and each year can be a new beginning on the journey. I also think of these times as second chances. We never have to continue doing things the way we have always done them. We have the option to change. What a gift!

I have needed these second chances…to improve my relationships through changing my behavior; to end an addiction and start fresh; to date again after divorce; to begin a new chapter in my life. I am in a new chapter right now, preparing to return to part time work after losing my job last December due to fibromyalgia.

New beginnings can be both exciting and scary. The future is more of an unknown than before. It may also be necessary to grieve what has ended before moving on can really take hold. Sometimes God allows something to end so that He can give us something even better. For instance, losing my job was a blessing in disguise because I needed more time to heal.

Having suffered from clinical depression most of my life, I am so glad that each moment can be a new beginning. It could be that the next minute the darkness will give way to a hint of light at the end of the tunnel. The trick is to hold on and not give up. As the 12 Step Slogan says, “This too shall pass.”

My hope for you is that you will always know you can begin anew. You can wake up in the morning with another opportunity to improve your life. Enjoy God’s Gift of a New Beginning on your journey!