The Gift of Blue Butterflies

At some point along the journey, you may find a particular symbol that is especially encouraging and inspiring to you. Maybe it is a type of animal or insect. Maybe it is a cross or praying hands or angels. It could even be a song, a favorite Bible verse, or a certain number. You can have one or several symbols and it may even change at different points on your journey.

I have had multiple symbols…from swans to angels to blue butterflies. It is like a secret code between you and God…a special language of the soul. 

Once you choose one, pay special attention to when, where, and how often you see or hear it. When you do, know that God’s spirit is encouraging you in your life. You may be amazed at how many times your symbol shows up. 

Join me in gratitude to God for speaking to us each in a special way. I give thanks for the Gift of Blue Butterflies on the journey!



The Gift of Jesus

Today I am especially grateful for God’s gift of Jesus to help us on the journey. He has traveled the road before and knows how to help and guide us. He understands our struggles and loves each of us individually.

Just knowing ABOUT Jesus is much different than feeling his overwhelming unconditional love. He is just waiting for people to invite him into their lives so that he can be their companion on the journey.

I have recently heard of people having visions of him that were extremely meaningful and life-changing. I prayed before bed last night that I would have a dream of him. My real desire was that he would come to me in a significant way. I had no dreams of him, but he did answer the intent behind my prayer.

I visited a church today that had a banner on the wall with a picture of Jesus as he appeared to someone in a vision several months ago.  Later I received some Jesus Scripture cards that I had ordered through the mail much sooner than expected. One of them has the same picture of him that I have hanging on the wall in my bedroom! It is called Lost No More by artist Greg Olsen (pictured above). Both of these pictures are incredibly special to me. I believe that Jesus answered the prayer of my heart and showed me he is with me through these pictures.

My prayer for each of you is that you are able to feel the great love Jesus has for you and gain solace and strength from this beautiful Gift of Jesus on the journey.





The Gift of Growth

I am so thankful for everything that I have experienced in life, because it has given me the next gift on the journey…the Gift of Growth. It’s difficult to think this way when we are going through the “bad” times, but later on it is possible to acknowledge the value in each situation.

For instance, if I had not been depressed, I would not have had the multitude of counseling sessions in which I developed a greater understanding of my own thoughts and  feelings, as well as those of others. Even my alcoholism led to positive learning through Alcoholics Anonymous, increasing the strength of my spirit in sobriety after surrendering to God. It introduced me to people I would not otherwise have met, broadening my understanding of their struggles and encouraging empathy and compassion within me.

I have heard the idea of earth as a school. That seems to fit how I feel. I think God is each person’s individual Tutor. Sometimes we have to go through certain lessons more than once in order to learn what we need to learn. He stays with us through all the ups and downs, never giving up on our potential to learn, change, and grow.

Thinking this way makes life exciting! What will I learn today? How will I mature? Think back on your life and see how much you’ve grown. Then perhaps you can join me in giving thanks for this Gift of Growth on the journey!


The Gift of Healing Words

I have been blessed today by seeing words of support for others, God’s love, peace, encouragement, and acceptance on Face Book. They were words that heal the hearts and souls of those who read them.

I also had a significant conversation with a loved one in which we spoke with gentleness and respect for each other’s thoughts and needs. I feel that healing took place through spoken words in this instance.

Both situations remind me of the power of words and the potential for healing through them. Certain Bible verses, song lyrics, and quotations can be soothing and inspiring.

In addition, we have the opportunity to let God heal others through our loving words. That idea inspires hope, but also suggests great responsibility. Let’s think carefully about the words we speak and write. We never know the impact they may have on the lives of others.

I hope that you are healed by the words you see and hear. We are so fortunate to have the gift of healing words to help us on the journey.





The Gift of Companions

The journey sometimes gets lonely for each of us, but God has provided a very special gift…the gift of companions. We don’t have to travel alone. We may know God is with us, yet need contact with other physical beings. God has blessed us with friends, family members, and even our pets as companions on this journey.

We don’t have to do everything ourselves. Since God gives each of us different talents and abilities, there are others who can help us in areas where we struggle. Sometimes we don’t want to give up control or feel uncomfortable asking for help. However, the choice to ask is ours.

Even social media can provide the assurance that we are not alone in how we feel and think. Facebook and Facebook groups are available to assist us in connecting with people of like mind. We simply need to reach out and share.

I hope that this blog can be a gathering place for those who want to connect through comments. May you feel welcome here as you enjoy the gift of companions on your journey!






The Gift of Stillness

Some days on the journey our minds, bodies, and souls feel tired and worn out. That is when we need to allow ourselves to experience the gift of stillness. We need time alone to recharge our batteries, enjoy peace and quiet, and listen within. By listening we may become more aware of our thoughts and desires and perhaps gain inspiration from God regarding important life decisions. In the quiet, we can also find rest in the peace that His presence provides.

I tend to go to other sources for answers I seek, while all along God is waiting for me in the silence. He wants me to stop…stop thinking, stop talking, stop reading, stop listening to other people…and be still. In Psalm 46:10 in the Bible, God says, “Be still, and know that I am God…”  He wants to guide me on my journey, if only I will  set aside time to listen after praying and trust Him with the answers.  Proverbs 3:5-6 states, “Trust in the LORD with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.”

If you are struggling today with any situation, know that God cares enough about you to guide you. Try getting still and just listening within. You may gain answers, but you almost certainly will gain peace. This is a great practice to do each day. I hope that you take the time to enjoy this gift on the journey.




The Gift of Creativity

Difficult times on our journey can often produce the gift of creativity, particularly for those with various types of depression. There is a need to dig deep and express what is going on inside. Most of the poems I have written took place in a dark time in my life. Writing them helped to free my thoughts and heal my emotions.

If you are going through depression or difficult feelings right now, try to write, draw, or do anything creative. You may be pleased with the results. Not only will you have what you have created, but you will feel the fog and heaviness lift from your mind and body.

God’s handiwork in nature is brimming with creativity. Since we are made in His image, we have the ability to create as well… not only works of art, but by co-creating with Him, even our steps on the journey of life.

Enjoy this gift on the journey!




The Gift of Wisdom

I love the poem Warning, When I Am An Old Woman, I Shall Wear Purple by Jenny Joseph. Why shouldn’t she? After all, purple is the color of royalty and seniors are truly royalty, treasures of wisdom due to their life experience and learning.

By midlife and beyond, people have experienced a multitude of joys as well as heartaches. They have learned what works and what doesn’t. Since each person’s journey is unique, we can gain wisdom from hearing or reading the individual stories of those who have been on earth longer than we have.

I encourage you to write your life story at some point in your life. It doesn’t have to be for the world to see. It can just be for your family and future generations. I plan on doing this myself even though I have no children. Perhaps someone can benefit from what I have experienced in life. If you are not a writer and would like assistance, let me know and perhaps I can help.

Let’s share the pearls of wisdom we have gained as gifts on the journey!






The Gift of a New Beginning

With today being my birthday, I am reminded that each day, each month, and each year can be a new beginning on the journey. I also think of these times as second chances. We never have to continue doing things the way we have always done them. We have the option to change. What a gift!

I have needed these second chances…to improve my relationships through changing my behavior; to end an addiction and start fresh; to date again after divorce; to begin a new chapter in my life. I am in a new chapter right now, preparing to return to part time work after losing my job last December due to fibromyalgia.

New beginnings can be both exciting and scary. The future is more of an unknown than before. It may also be necessary to grieve what has ended before moving on can really take hold. Sometimes God allows something to end so that He can give us something even better. For instance, losing my job was a blessing in disguise because I needed more time to heal.

Having suffered from clinical depression most of my life, I am so glad that each moment can be a new beginning. It could be that the next minute the darkness will give way to a hint of light at the end of the tunnel. The trick is to hold on and not give up. As the 12 Step Slogan says, “This too shall pass.”

My hope for you is that you will always know you can begin anew. You can wake up in the morning with another opportunity to improve your life. Enjoy God’s Gift of a New Beginning on your journey!


The Gift of Godwinks

I’ve written in previous posts about receiving signs to direct my steps on the journey or to encourage me or let me know I am not alone. I am so fortunate to have experienced these as often as I have. However, they can happen to anyone.

I believe these experiences are Godwinks. They seem like coincidences, but are really from God. This term was coined by Squire Rushnell in his book When God Winks. He has a website all about it at

I experience these Godwinks in many different ways. They include: finding coins and feathers; seeing license plate messages, bumper stickers, and road signs; seeing butterflies and other insects, birds, and animals as symbols; reading quotes and books that seem meant especially for me; hearing certain songs and hymns on the radio; receiving words of wisdom from others; having Bible verses come into my mind, seemingly out of nowhere; and crossing paths with just the right people and circumstances. I pray for guidance or other needs and then I observe. Some Godwinks appear obvious, but others are more subtle and require awareness as well as openness.

I am a big believer in angels–messengers of God. I believe some of these Godwinks come from God through His angels. God knows that when I see or hear anything about angels, I know I am receiving heavenly support and assurance. Having angel figurines and pictures around my home reminds me that I am not alone on my journey.

I pray that you receive all the Godwinks you need as gifts on your journey!